Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty                                

Both surgeries involve the removal of gum tissue. The main difference between the two procedures is that a gingivectomy removes diseased gum tissue surrounding a gum pocket while a gingivoplasty is performed to reshape gum tissue usually for cosmetic reasons.

A gingivoplasty can be used in combination with a gingivectomy and there are also cases where a gingivectomy can be used for cosmetic procedures.


Benefits of a Gingivectomy?                            

  • The benefits of a gingivectomy include:
  • Diseased tissue is removed
  • Pocket depth is reduced
  • Gum disease is halted and/or controlled
  • Improves ability to maintain good hygiene
  • Helps save teeth and bone
  • Contributes to oral health

Benefits of a Gingivoplasty

A gingivoplasty is used for cosmetic reasons. It reshapes the gums for a more appealing smile. Common aesthetic problems corrected with gingivoplasties can include:

  • Gummy smile (excessive gums show when smiling)
  • Uneven gingival contours
  • The loss of papillae, the small gum tissue between teeth
  • Exposed root surfaces

Laser treatments differ from traditional methods

Laser treatments provide an option that is tissue-preserving, regenerative, and bone-building. It will also target infected pockets, but in this case, we will use a laser instead of a scalpel. Not only does the laser cut the tissue that has to be removed, but it also kills the infected tissue and existing bacteria. Following the cut, we can easily remove calculus with an ultrasonic root cleaner. We then use laser energy to seal the tissue which not only heals, but also prevents further infection and bleeding. This approach allows the body to use its own healing powers as the lasers stimulate stem cells generating new connective tissues, bone, and collagen. This restores the integrity of the bone.ssue is removed

Oral laser treatments are the ideal solution to fight periodontal disease. They eliminate deep bacterial pockets while killing bacteria. This reduces the risk of re-infection. Precision targeting with the laser helps maintain more of your healthy tissue. There is less bleeding with laser treatments as they heal while they cut. This means there is also less swelling and trauma which reduces required healing time. Dr. S.Djalev dental center is equipped with the latest laser technology.

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