White fillings today are the best solution for those who want an effective, long-lasting and highly aesthetic treatment.

The fillings made with restoration material of the same color as the tooth (dental composite) have qualities in terms of durability, and offer significant aesthetic advantage. The latest generation composite materials are in fact produced in a very wide range of colors. In addition to the aesthetic advantage, the latest generation “white” materials also have a high adhesive power on the dental surfaces, both on the enamel and on the dentine, increasing the resistance of the blocked tooth and preventing fracture risks. Instead, it often happens to see fractured or cracked teeth on which a large amalgam filling was placed. This event is practically impossible to happen with composite materials, because thanks to their adhesive power they strengthen the residual dental walls.

The adhesive power also offers the advantage of reducing the aggressiveness of the treatment.

Since no accessory retentions are necessary to stabilize the filling, only the sick part of the caries will be eliminated and the healthy tissue will not be affected.

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