Dental implants

Dental implants are the closest you can get to healthy, natural teeth. They allow you to live the way you want to – confidently eating, smiling, laughing, talking and enjoying all of your everyday activities without worrying about your teeth.

Think of dental implants as artificial tooth roots, similar in shape to screws. When dental implants are placed in your jawbone, they bond with your natural bone. They become a sturdy base for supporting one or more artificial teeth, called crowns.

A connector – known as an abutment – is placed on top of the dental implant to hold and support your crowns. The crowns are custom-made to match your natural teeth and fit your mouth.

Modern dental implants have been used successfully for over 30 years. They are the strongest devices available to support replacement teeth – and even better, they allow these new teeth to feel, look and function naturally.

The dental implant, like the biological one, however, the plant can also suffer the same harmful effects due to infections or diseases. For this reason we agree with the patient on periodic check-ups, of a six-monthly nature, with which we check that everything is in place. These are the best-spent minutes of all the treatment, because they foresee the development of more complex and difficult problems in advance, avoiding more invasive interventions and preserving the best capital available to us: health!

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